Tumblr Blacklists

• What is Tumblr Savior? 

Tumblr Savior is a handy extension for, you guessed it, Tumblr.You can download it here.

• What is a blacklist?

Blacklist is the name Tumblr Savior uses for the list of things you want blocked on tumblr. 

• How do I submit my list?

If you’re using Firefox:
Go to Tools » Greasemonkey » Manage User Scripts. Find Tumblr Savior » Right-Click » Edit. A text document should open. Find var blackList = new Array. It should be 10 or so lines down the page. The list after that is your blacklist, copy and paste it into our askbox or screencap it.

If you’re using Chrome:
Click Window » Extensions. Find Tumblr Savior and clickOptions. See the Blacklist? You need to screencap that or copy it down somewhere. 

If you’re using something else:
I don’t know. If you can provide instructions for another browser please leave a message in the askbox!

Once you have your cap or copied list, go to our askbox and either paste in the image url (if you capped it) or paste the list. It will get posted and tagged as soon as possible.

• Why did you make this site?

Because I like to know what people don’t like. I’m nosey like that.

If you have a question not answered here, submit it!